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Active Learning Environment 'Structure with Freedom'

The environment will reflect a child directed approach. There are boundaries for safety and respect for others and ourselves. Our hands-on learning environment will provide experiences that allow children to become confident in their own unique abilities.


Daily Language Arts Activities

Language abilities develop when there are fascinating things to explore and talk about. In class your child will develop skills in listening, speaking, print awareness and an early understanding of reading. Most important to preschoolers are their own personal experiences. The children will have many opportunities during the day to share what they know and develop ways to take what they know further. The children will participate in weekly activities with our speech pathologist, Katie Hensler. She enhances our Letter of the Week with phonics fun, games and language building.


Handwriting Readiness

Strong fine motor skills are the foundation to handwriting. The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is designed to build skills through fun activities that include coloring, drawing, singing, and counting.


Hands-on Math and Science

Math and science are incorporated into the daily routine. Planned activities such as cooking and gardening allow for children to discover the connection between math and science in their daily lives. Open math and science centers also provide the children with time and space to discover on their own.


Community Based Social Studies

Community and family are important to us. Parent training on interesting subjects and fun family events are sponsored by Parkwood and Leawood UMC throughout the year. We invite you to attend the Community Block Party, Trunk or Treat, Ginger Bread Decorating Party, Easter egg hunt and Friday Night Movies.


At Parkwood we also offer a child friendly chapel service that parents are welcome to attend. Check the school calendar for dates and times.

It is our goal to build strong relationships between child, parent, teacher and our community. Special events and guest speakers will help your child learn more about their environment outside of the classroom.


Outdoor Learning Environment

The beautiful outdoor learning environment is a unique place to learn. Working together with Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and The Arbor Day Foundation we will be creating large outdoor learning centers that will allow children to explore nature.


Second Step Anti-violence Curriculum

Second Step is an anti-violence curriculum developed within urban and Head Start early childhood programs. The program teaches the concepts of uniqueness, diversity and how to use language related to consequential and critical thinking. Children meet Impulsive Puppy, Slow-Down Snail and Be-Calm Bunny to teach them the appropriate ways to express the complexity of their emotions.



Parkwood Day School will offer Spanish to your child four times a month. Throughout the year Parkwood students will be learning colors, shapes, numbers and counting, vocabulary relating to family, foods, animals, culture and much more! Our Spanish teacher Senora Judy Chomicky will be incorporating movement, music and art into our weekly lessons. The children will also be enjoying bi-lingual children’s stories to enhance their learning experience. We are excited that Senora Judy is part of our staff providing a wonderful language experience for your child.


Music and Movement

Our Music and Movement teacher and the Children’s Ministry Director of Leawood UMC, Mr. Jeff Wilson, enhances our curriculum with original theme based music that is educational and entertaining. Your child will experience music and movement through hands-on activities that include instruments, puppets and dance.


Lunch Program

Mealtime is also a time to learn. Lunch will be served family style and hot lunches catered by Hy-Vee Foods. The children will benefit by participating in the mealtime process. Manners, nutrition and healthy eating will be the focus of mealtime. Snack time will feature items that the teacher or the children will prepare. Parents will be asked to provide items for class snack time and special cooking projects. We will provide information regarding allergies if needed.


Rest Time

Rest time will begin after lunch at 12:30 p.m. All children will rest in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Non-sleepers will be asked to rest quietly for 30 minutes and then move on to 'quiet time' activities. Rest time will conclude at 2:00 p.m. Children should bring a backpack daily with a crib sheet, blanket, small pillow or lovey for rest time. Rest time items need to be cleaned weekly.


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