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Resources for Navigating Trauma from the
Super Bowl Celebration Tragedy 


Dear Beloved of God,


The tragic events that took place at the end of the Chief’s Super Bowl celebration on Wednesday stirred up an abundance of emotions for many of us.  We here at Leawood UMC share the pain of what took place and are in prayer for the victims, as well as their families. 


We continue to look for ways we can support the healing process of our city. As part of our commitment to being a safe and supportive place to that end we have assembled a few resources for talking with children (and adults) about the incident.


Sorting through the thoughts of why bad things happen and how to respond is difficult. During such times it is easy to get overwhelmed by all that needs to change and to become rendered inactive. I want to encourage you during this time to focus on doing the simplest things that you can. Accomplish the “little things” immediately in front of you, while remembering Jesus’ call similarly to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16).  No single person can be all the light and salt the world needs, but together we can drive out the dark and bring the flavor of peace to the world if we’ll each do our small part.

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